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Xscape Tambun offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the top attractions and activities that you can enjoy:

  1. Water Park (at Lost World Tambun): The park features a range of water slides and attractions suitable for both kids and adults, including the Wave Pool, Lazy River, and Adventure River.
  2. Adventure Park: This section of the park offers activities such as high ropes course, zip lining, rock climbing, and more, providing an exciting experience for adventure seekers.
  3. Hot Springs: The park is built around natural hot springs, which provide a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in the warm water.
  4. Limestone Hill Climbing: Xscape Tambun offers guided limestone hill climbing tours, which is an exciting and challenging activity for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.
  5. Cave Adventure: Visitors can also explore the limestone caves in the area and learn about the natural formations and wildlife that inhabit them.

Overall, Xscape Tambun is a great destination for families and friends looking for a fun-filled day out. With a wide range of activities and attractions, visitors can enjoy a mix of relaxation and adventure, making it a popular attraction in Ipoh.


Here are the directions on how to get to Xscape Tambun Ipoh:

  1. By car: If you are driving, you can take the North-South Expressway and exit at the Ipoh Selatan (South) Interchange. From there, follow the signs to Tambun and Xscape Tambun. The journey should take around 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur.
  2. By public transport: If you are taking public transport, you can take a train or bus to Ipoh. From there, you can take a taxi or ride-sharing service like Grab to Xscape Tambun. The journey should take around 15-20 minutes from Ipoh town.

Alternatively, Xscape Tambun offers a shuttle service from selected hotels in Ipoh, which you can check on their website or contact them directly for more information.


Tips for travel to Tambun

  1. Plan ahead: Research the attractions and activities in Tambun, Ipoh and plan your itinerary accordingly. This will help you make the most of your time there.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing: Tambun is a tropical destination, so pack light, breathable clothing, and comfortable walking shoes.
  3. Bring sunscreen and insect repellent: The sun can be strong in Tambun, so bring sunscreen to protect your skin, and insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes and other bugs.
  4. Stay hydrated: It’s important to drink plenty of water, especially when you’re out exploring in the heat.
  5. Try the local food: Ipoh is famous for its delicious local cuisine, so be sure to try some of the local dishes like Ipoh hor fun, salted chicken, and white coffee.
  6. Visit the Lost World of Tambun: This water park and theme park is a must-visit attraction in Tambun. There are various activities, rides, and shows to keep you entertained.
  7. Explore the caves: Tambun is home to some beautiful limestone caves like the Gua Tempurung and Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, which are worth visiting.
  8. Respect local customs: Malaysians are generally friendly and welcoming to tourists, but it’s important to respect their customs and cultural practices. Dress modestly when visiting temples and mosques, and remove your shoes before entering.
  9. Be aware of the weather: Tambun can experience heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, so check the weather forecast before you travel and be prepared for any changes in weather.
  10. Transportation: It is recommended to rent a car or hire a driver to explore the surrounding areas of Tambun, as public transportation can be limited.


Hope these tips help you plan a wonderful trip to Tambun, Ipoh!